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Professional Photographic Process 
Nothing compares to the quality of true photographic processing. Your photograph is exposed to light sensitive paper which permanently fuses the image into an emulsified bond which is chemically cured for the highest quality reproduction and longest durability.  

However, not all photo processing is the same. The excellence of the photograph is determined by the image characteristics, paper quality, color depth and processing method used. Life Image has relationships with several different photo labs to offer a variety of quality and pricing levels.

Enlargement & Print Product Information
Since we can do just about anything, there are several options to consider.  Please contact us at any time if you have questions.
Premium Level Enlargements & Prints 

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All images, photographic or digital, are property of Life Image, LLC and protected by law. 
No image may be used without prior authorization and our expressed written consent.
Only available to professional photographers - Premium Level printing has the highest quality papers and photographic processes available so these prints can be displayed and shared for generations to come.  All Life Image enlargements over 8 x 10 are mounted on an acid-free museum-quality backing with UV and water-resistant protective coating.  

Professional Level Prints
Using Kodak Professional ENDURA or FUJICOLOR Professional 100-year archival papers, these prints share the same photographic properties for color reproduction and image quality.  The Professional Level is the most popular choice for most prints & enlargements.  Optional acid-free museum mounting, UV coatings and other treatments are available on the Professional Level.  

Standard Level Prints
Life Image has a quality-controlled Standard Level lab that produces excellent quality at reasonable prices.  

Economy Level Prints
Life Image does not offer Economy printing - as the photographic process used degrades the image quality and results in poor color reproduction.  Reproduction is highly inconsistent because technicians are not trained in photographic processing.

Professional Printing Processes
Imprinting a photographic image on other materials can be done in a variety of ways, depending on the materials.  

Life Image utilizes Fine Art Reproduction (e.g. Giclée, Canvas, Metal, etc.), Press Production (e.g. Cards, Books, Posters, etc.) and other processes for specialty enlargements and custom products.  Please contact us for further details.
Paper Styles & Finishes
Glossy Photo Finish - Very smooth and shiny, resulting in a reflective surface that is vibrant, crisp and sharp. Colors are often brighter and more saturated.  Glossy finish is a good choice for printing everyday snapshots and photos with vibrant colors.

The gloss finish, however, may create unwanted reflections when framed or  may appear to stick to glass. It is also susceptible to fingerprints and smudges if hand-held without a glove. 

* Premium Level Gloss Coating provides water-resistant UV protection so image can be cleaned and glass is not necessary when framed or mounted.  

Matte Photo Finish (Standard & Professional Level) - Smooth and non-glare with lower contrast, but enhanced texture print.  

Lustre Photo Finish (Premium Level) - Lustre finish comes with slight gloss and subtle pearl like texture.  It offers deeper color saturation, higher contrast and thicker in paper. Premium Level Gloss Coating provides water-resistant UV protection so image can be cleaned and glass is not necessary when framed or mounted.  

Matte/Lustre finishes are the most popular choice for framing, portraits, prints and enlargements.  Fingerprints are not as visible.
Mettalic Print - Produces an almost chrome-like burnished appearance. Glossy finish with a metallic look is striking, distinctive and eye-catching... images ‘pop’ and appear to be printed on metal.
Linen Finish (Pemium Level) Adding a subtle linen texture with water-resistant UV protection is a classic look and glass is not necessary when framed or mounted.