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We believe in giving back to the community.  Here are a few of the many events and organizations we supported in 2014 - and again in 2015!

Jazz Central Studios
Informational Video Production Sponsor
Non-profit Jazz Arts Performance Space / NE Minneapolis
learn more at

AttaBoy Ride
Sponsor - Video Selections, Online Photo Gallery
Fathers Day - June 15, 2014

Minnesota Red Ribbon Ride
Sponsor - Video Selections, Online Photo Gallery
<< 2015 Event >> July 16-19

Breast Cancer Ride
Sponsor - Video Selections, Online Photo Gallery
<< 2015 Event >> August 8, 2014

Sponsor - Video Selections, Online Photo Gallery
September 20, 2014

We're also involved with a number of other great events and organizations... you can CLICK HERE to access last year's events and earlier archives

Generations in Solidarity
Life Image documentary donated in support of Sister Parish, Inc. produced by Jeff & Rita Nohner. Go to:

for more information.  FREE SCREENINGS

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Sister Parish Website
Our AttaBoy Page
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In the News
​We do a select number of High School Seniors each year, so contact us now to get on the list.  Photo samples at:


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Sister Parish, Inc.
Documentary Production Sponsor (El Salvador / Guatemala)
Anniversary Product Design / Production Sponsor 
Get a  free copy of the film at