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Not only does Life Image do good work... they reinvest to do good work for others!

With a foundation in broadcasting and news that goes back 30 years - Life Image was formed by Jeff & Rita Nohner in 2003 as a for-profit media house that uses proceeds to help support non-profit organizations.  Each year, Life Image donates hundreds of hours in professional services to help groups increase awareness, generate funds and serve their communities. Based in Minneapolis, they have worked worldwide - and contributed in neighborhoods just down the street.

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Rita Nohner
Crew On Set
Jeff Nohner
Today, Life Image leverages a large creative network to provide a full-range of media services.  Their clients and assignments are as diverse as their skillsets... ranging from instructional videos, product photography, league sports and corporate events to family portraits, capturing wedding memories and bringing old film back to life.  

Being a family owned / independent production house with our own in-studio/on-location/post-pro­duction equipment, we have the flexibility to offer high-quality media capabilities at affordable rates... making it possible for individuals, organizations and businesses of all sizes to see their Images come to Life!

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